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TURN ON THE LIGHT Review (Divide & Conquer Music)



Shane Bargy is a solo musician based in Delanson, NY. He is a veteran in the industry, having played guitar for 30 years and writing songs for the majority of that time. Bargy has contributed to various local bands and duos over the years, but he thought it was time to release a collection of his ‘best of” songs for listeners to enjoy. Turn on the Light is an 11-track introspection of Bargy’s sonic history. Filled with ten tracks that show the musician at his strongest potential and also including a bonus song titled “Just Hope” that is very special to the artist, Bargy tries to capture in his songs three topics: family, tribulations and the human condition. At times motivational and lifting, while other times sad and contemplative, Bargy gives audiences a whole lot to meditate on.... 

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Shane Bargy’s ‘Turn on the Light’ album is a lesson in hope and healing - The Daily Gazette Review


Most people in the Electric City know Shane Bargy as a community builder and executive director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Schenectady.

Not as many are familiar with Bargy’s work as a musician. That’s changed with the November release of his first album “Turn on the Light.”

It starts with a bright acoustic melody that acts as an ode to an epiphany and ends with a moving tribute to hope, written by Bargy’s daughter.

Alternating between acoustic and electric, the songs go to some dark places — one reflects on domestic violence, another on suicide — yet there are also moments of levity and songs that delve into everyday experiences.

For Bargy, each comes with a story.

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For Fans of Real Good Music - Times Union Review


Shane Bargy has been playing music for 30 years and with “Turn on the Light,” he’s released his first album, available for download or on CD. Drawing on his own life and career working at the Boys and Girls Club of Schenectady, Bargy has channeled his musical and personal passions into writing and recording heartfelt roots rock and folk. At its best, “Turn on the Light” thrives when delving into the need for meaningful human connection. That need for connection culminates in its final track, “Just Hope.” Written and performed by his 8-year-old daughter, it’s a sweet highlight to the themes of family and the need for others to help us navigate through the highs and lows that life throws at us. 

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I would like to thank so many for helping me make this record possible. First, thanks to my wife Jennifer for very supportively going along with this crazy venture. A big thanks to my kids for not only sitting through my demos, but constantly requesting I play the songs in the car - despite their dad’s obsession with only playing Sob Rock over and over while traveling.​

I am so thankful to all my family and friends who took the time to listen to these songs in raw form and give me their honest impressions.

Though they will never see this, thank you to my musical influences over the years. There would be no album without Tommy Shaw & Dennis DeYoung (Styx), Jeffrey Gaines, Kevin Thompson & Dan Sherwin (Strange Arrangement), Paul Stanley & Ace Frehley (Kiss), Michael Gurly (dada) and most recently John Mayer. Their musical genius captivated me and developed my true love for well-crafted, lyric and melody-based songs driven by great instrumentation. I have scattered little hidden tributes to my idols throughout these songs.

Thank you Brianna Phillips for designing the cover art. Thank you Michael Baish for layout design. Thank you to Josh Morris for his incredible drumming in Come On Down, Self-Destruct, and Goodbye to You. Thank you to Mark Ashfield of Cosmic Audio in the UK for his skilled work and patience with me as we went through the mastering process.

Last, but not least, thank you to Alec Lewis of Honey Home Studios. His expertise, fine ear for details, and a gifted ability to play multiple instruments (bass, percussion, keyboard & additional guitars) and sing amazing back up vocals enhanced these songs greatly. I had a vision for each of the songs and Alec helped me make those visions a reality - even when I demanded to turn the electric guitar up and my vocals down! I could not have asked for a better engineer and musician to work with and help me feel more comfortable…thank you Alec!

I am lucky to play these wonderful instruments: D’Angelico (electric), Krakat and Guild (acoustic) guitars.



This collection of 11 songs comes as a result of many life experiences, observations and obsession with how my influences were able to capture topics both fun and serious brilliantly in song form. There is nothing more beautiful to me than effectively capturing a “feeling” in a 4-minute piece of music.

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